"But we haven't just been working our socks off! Cadenza has been just as much fun as hard work; we'll always remember the rounders, frisbee and of course the fabulous people we've met from all over the globe."

Sisters, aged 14 and 16

"I have been at Cadenza a number of times, always returning after having a fantastic time."

Violinist, age 24

"The atmosphere is creative and inspirational, and has boosted my confidence and increased my drive to improve as a musician."

Violist, age 20

"Having just completed my second year undergraduate, I strongly feel that I am still, in a sense, finding my feet. Cadenza, for me, has been the perfect place to develop. The relaxed environment allows students of a range of abilities to mix and share their enthusiasm for music without feeling the need to compare standards or feel embarassed. I was privileged to play viola in Haydn's quartet op 54 no 2 with three very talented and experienced players whose friendly and enthusiastic approach put me quickly at ease in rehearsal, allowing me to learn from the group while still feeling confident to contibute."

Violinist/Violist, age 19

Rosie Group

"This course has been a fantastic opportunity for me. As a cellist, it is rare to be able to have lessons from three such fantastic teachers in a short space of time. On the course, not only could I have these personal lessons but I was also able to sit in on many others. This meant that I was able to gain an undetstanding of the overall approach of the teachers - how they work on both technical and musical levels and how they adapt to individual students. As a result, many different pieces and problems were covered and I am left with a new bank of information with which to attach my own practice. The lessons that were given to me all provided unique insights which I can now put into practise, plus I had the opportunity to perform in concert twice on the course which has been very useful.

In addition to this solo aspect, I was also put into a string quartet at the start of the course. This group was instantly a good match and we enjoyed playing together from start to finish, having some excellent coaching which highlighted for me the importance of understanding the structure of the quartet in the attempt to convey the sense of the music to the audience.

The general atmosphere of the course has been absolutely lovely. John actually highlighted at the start his aims for avoiding cliquiness etc. and I think this really helped to create a feeling of inclusiveness generally, and the ability to sit down with anyone at mealtimes and make new friends. Nothing seemed over-rigid in the organisation and I always felt listened to if I made a request for a change of teacher or time in the schedule. Having fun was not an optional extra, but a staple of the course, positively encouraged by the staff. I thought this was particularly evident in the evening music-making where staff were more than willing to read through pieces with students, which is really a rare and fantastic opportunity for us.

Overall, for me everything has gone smoothly this week. I have learned a huge amount, very much enjoyed myself and I hope again to have the posibility of returning next year."

'Cellist, age 26